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Hanjin 7000D Multipurpose Drilling Rig


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Sandvik D90KSP Dual Compressor drill

Mud Solids System – AMC SRU – XL

Located in New Zealand



AMC SRU-XL Modular mud solids system is a modular setup for the recovery and treatment of drilling solids and spoils. This system was purchased new in 2018 and is in good operating condition. Located in New Zealand it can be shipped to any global location. Full specification details on both modules are available on the documents tab in this listing.

AMC 823-DD-E Shaker Deck Details

AMC linear motion shale shakers are designed for dilute slurries, solids recovery, dewatering, and slurries with low amounts of oversize such as
scalping or trash screen applications. With its high fluid capacity and low headroom requirements, AMC linear motion screens are available in double-deck and single-deck configurations and several screen formats and fixing systems.
Depending upon the application, the screen frame can be positioned from +8° to -2°. Maximum fluid capacity is achieved in the uphill position.

AMC SRU Centrifuge Pump Module

AMC’s unique Solids Removal Unit (SRU) provides a highly innovative alternative to traditional drilling sumps and is being described as the way of the future by drilling contractors and resource companies worldwide. The closed-loop fluid system significantly reduces the environmental impact and greatly improves the efficiency of drilling operations.

How does it work?

Drilling fluid is circulated directly from the drill collar to the SRU’s shaker or centrifuge feed tube, where drill solids are removed via the centrifuge. Cleaned drilling fluids are then returned to the drill hole. The highly mobile unit also incorporates a mixing chamber and weir system, which enables drilling fluids to be added accurately and efficiently.
AMC has revolutionized conventional solids removal techniques by utilising a 9” bowl decanting centrifuge, the smallest unit available of this type in the world, and adapting it for diamond drilling applications.

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AMC SRU- XL Modular Mud Solids System: AMC - MD-15-009-100_Modulare SRU-XL_23-07-15   AMC SRU - XL Centrifugal Pump Module Specifications:Centrifugemodul AMC M200 Eng_   AMC SRU - XL Shaker Deck Module:AMC Shaker 823-DD-E    
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