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  • Commando DC300 Drill

    • $125,000
    This Tamrock DC 300 Commando has been fully refurbished and is ready to go straight to work. The drill is fitted with a full fire suppression system and is mechanically sound. The drill stroke allows 1800mm drill steels and the drill is fitted with a HL300 hydraulic drifter. The remote drill is also remote controlled and the handset was recently also refurbished and is in good operational condition.
  • Hydrapower Scout on Morooka

    • $165,000
    If you're looking for a great geotech drill setup this is a great buy. Included in the purchase price are two Morooka track bases. One carries the drill while the other is used as a support to carry a 4000-litre water tank and all your tooling. This would be ideal for tight access and hard terrain drilling. Hydrapower PDF Specifications-
  • Schramm T660 Drill

    • $320,000
    If you're looking for an exploration or water boring drill this one ticks all the boxes. Fitted with an onboard Sullair 900 cfm x 350 psi compressor the drill has had a lot of work done to it to get ready to go out to work again. The standard rotation head was replaced with a rebuilt 685 Schramm head for better reliability. This Schramm T660 Drill is mounted on a twin steer Volvo truck and it's available now to purchase. Details below.
  • Hanjin D8 Multipurpose Drill

    Hanjin D8 Multipurpose Drill

    • Coming October 10
    Western Australia
    2018 low hour Hanjin D-8 multipurpose drill coming up for sale on October 10. This Hanjin D8 Multipurpose Drill is fitted with dual breakout jaws/mono pump/triplex pump/high-pressure drill washdown pump. The drill is in extremely good condition and has been well maintained. If your looking for a good quality Geotech drill this is worth a serious look. We will have more details including the selling price available shortly.
  • Sonic Drill Boart Longyear LS250

    Heli-Portable Drill – EDM 30K

    • $480,000
    The EDM 30K sets the benchmark for heli-portable drills with its state-of-the-art design and world-leading safety features fitted as standard equipment. The drill is designed to drill in the harshest of conditions, and with a maximum lift weight of 700 Kgs it can be broken down and heli-lifted onto any remote site. More details below
  • Sonic Drill Boart Longyear LS250

    Sonic Drill Boart Longyear LS250

    • $580,000
    Western Australia
    Boart Longyear LS250 sonic drill in immaculate condition and ready to go straight to work. The drill is being sold with and including a Boart Longyear coring head valued at approx $60,000 AUD as part of the sale. Current operating hours of only 1190 and the drill is ready to go straight to work. Details below.  
  • Track mounted Jacro

    Track Mounted Jacro 200 Drill

    • $60,000
    South Australia
    Jacro 200 drill that can be fitted to either a truck or track set up. Being sold on a track undercarriage, but this can also be fitted to a small truck as well when required. This is an ideal drill for Geotech or exploration prospecting drilling. Capable of auger, diamond RAB, and aircore drilling.  
  • Terex SCH5000 C Drill

    Terex SCH5000 C Drill

    • $50,000
    New South Wales
    This Machine is a good all-round machine from the legendary GD5000 lineup. It has a C11 engine and an HPR2 Drifter that was not long ago rebuilt. The total frame hours on the drill are 17650 and the drill is in running condition. There are a few oil leaks but nothing major is required to be done to this drill.
  • AMS 9700 VTR Power Probe

    • $130,000
    <strong>AMS PowerProbe Model 9700 VTR Direct Push Rig</strong> The AMS PowerProbe™ functions as a dual-combination environmental and geotechnical drill rig. This, combined with its dual capabilities of both direct push and Hollowstem augering, assures completion of comprehensive, complex fieldwork.   Details below The versatility of the AMS PowerProbe™ and its tooling will be a key factor in your field success.
  • UDR 1000 Multipurpose Drill

    UDR 1000 Multipurpose Drill

    • $495,000
    Western Australia
    This UDR1000 drill is located in Western Australia and is ready to go straight to work. 2005 model showing operating hours of 4101 hours, and it has had a lot of work done recently to it. Fitted with an onboard 900cfm x 350psi compressor this drill is able to do both diamond and RC drilling projects.
  • Air Research Booster

    Air Research Booster

    • $60,000
    New South Wales
    Air Research booster fitted with a Detroit 8V92 diesel engine and fitted down on a heavy-duty skid. The booster has a 2" inlet and a 2" outlet. The booster is also fitted with a built-in diesel fuel tank with a capacity of 340 litres. The unit also just has a new stop/start solenoid fitted. Located in Tamworth NSW.
  • Geo Loop 30-50 Grout Pump

    Geo Loop 30-50 Grout Pump

    • $25,000
    Western Australia
    Easily the most productive grout pump in its price/power class, the Geo-Loop 30-500 comes with the experience gained from pumping thousands of bags of grout on hundreds of job sites. The hydraulically driven piston pump develops volumes up to 30 gallons per minute and pressures up to 500 PSI. It can mix and pump neat cement grouts at a rate of one bag per minute bentonite batches in under two minutes and thermal-enhanced grouts in less than three minutes per unit. Pumping power like this, plus clean up in minutes, will push your productivity to levels you just can't reach with other systems.
  • Sandvik 2014 DP1500i Blast Hole Drill

    Sandvik 2014 DP1500i Drill

    • $480,000
    2014 model Sandvik DP1500i is in excellent condition and is supplied with a full service history. Caterpillar C13 engine hours are 7444 HL1560 drifter hours are 3034. This machine is ready for work and is fitted with a Tims 3D GPS system.
  • Sandvik 2012 DP1500i Blast Hole Drill

    Sandvik 2012 DP1500i Drill

    • $430,000
    2012 model Sandvik DP1500i serial number 38910 is in excellent condition and is supplied with a full service history. Caterpillar C11 engine hours are 11064 HL1560 drifter hours are 4646. This machine is ready for work and is fitted with a Tims 3D GPS system.
  • Sandvik DP1500i Blast Hole Drill

    Sandvik DP1500i Drill 2012

    • $430,000
    2012 model Sandvik DP1500i is in excellent condition and is supplied with a full service history. Caterpillar C11 engine hours are 11360 HL1560 drifter hours are 4599. This machine is ready for work and is fitted with a Tims 3D GPS system
  • Track Mounted Drill

    Track Mounted Drill

    • $75,000
    Western Australia
    This Track Mounted Drill has been used for downhole hammer drilling and is fitted with a Duetz diesel engine showing 9505 hours. It has a 3 mtr stroke, hydraulic foot clamps, and a built-in air and water swivel. Ideal drill for drilling earthing rods/rock bolts and general rotary drilling requirements. The mast is also able to oscillate left and right which allows for the drill to always drill at 90 degrees. Good mechanical condition and is priced to sell.
  • Longyear LMP850 Multi-purpose Drill Rig

    Longyear LMP850 Multi-purpose Drill

    • $310,000
    New South Wales
    This is a Longyear LMP850 multipurpose drill that is ready to go straight to work. Located in NSW and is in good mechanical condition.
  • Sale!
    Terex R20T Quarry Drill

    Blast Hole Drill – Terex R20T Quarry Drill

    • $60,000
    New South Wales
    Built in 2007 with 7452 hours. Engine has less than 500 hours since being replaced and hydraulic pumps have less than 250 hours since new. Drifter is an HPR5123 and the drill is located in NSW. The engine is an <strong>Isuzu BG1</strong> and is in very good condition. Comes with a brand new cab as a spare and a spare frame with some parts also have a parts engine and optional T38 HPR4519 drifter for an extra cost. Located in NSW, contact to arrange an inspection.
  • Sale!
    Trailer Mounted DTH Exploration Drill

    Trailer Mounted DTH Drill

    • $30,000
    Western Australia
    If you're looking for a small drill for grassroots drilling work, this setup is ideal. The drill is currently set up as a percussion trailer-mounted rig. Ideal for prospecting holes and the drill comes with everything you need to go drilling. <strong>All details below</strong>
  • Workover Rig for sale. Suitable for oil, gas, water and exploration drilling

    IDECO SBS H-44 760 HP Workover Rig

    • $1,800,000
    Western Australia
    This Ideco drill is a complete package of equipment. Located in Western Australia it can be inspected at any time. Please click on this link for the full package description -<span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong> <a style="color: #0000ff;" href="">Ideco H-44 For Sale</a></strong></span> Please click on this link for the history of the Ideco Workover drill in a short video - <a href=""></a>
  • DeepRock DR155 Drill Rig

    • $210,000
    DeepRock DR155 drilling rig mounted on a 2004 Kenworth T404 bogie drive truck. Fitted with an automatic rod loader setup to handle 4.5-meter drilling rods. The drill is mine compliant and is fitted with ROPS.<strong> Ideal drill for water boring</strong> and has been very well maintained. A short video on the Otto rod handling system link - <a href=""></a>
  • Water Drill Custom Built

    Custom Built Water Drill

    • $80,000
    New South Wales
    Custom-built water well drill mounted on a 1975 Leader truck licensed till February 2022. Rig motor is a 100hp Perkins diesel and has done 104 hours. The drill engine was recently completely rewired. It's fitted with a main and wireline winch as well as a 5 x 6 duplex mud pump that requires a motor. Onboard compressor is a Sullair 750 cfm x 185 psi power by a Detroit V6-92 engine that recently had a new head fitted. To be sold with 120 meters of drill pipe and a 6" DTH hammer. This is an ideal drill for rural and domestic water bores.
  • Sandvik DR460 rotary drill rigs

    Sandvik 2011 x 3 DR460 Drill Package

    • $8,400,000
    Listed -  three 2011 model Sandvik DR460 rotary drills available and are all mine spec compliant for the coalfields. All three drills have a full and comprehensive service history available, and all drills are ready to go straight to work. The rigs are fully BMA/BHP compliant and are currently located in Queensland. All drills are currently configured for 7 5/8 inch pipes to drill 77 meters (251 ft). 6x 12,8 m (42 ft) pipe and holds 5 rods in the rod loader. The drills are being sold as a comprehensive package that includes a huge inventory of spare parts to suit these drills. <strong>Please scroll down to see the details below.</strong>
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    UDR 650 Multipurpose Drill Package

    Multi-purpose UDR 650 Drill Package

    • $145,000
    <h5><strong><span style="color: #0000ff;">Huge Price Reduction on this drill</span></strong></h5> UDR650 multipurpose drill mounted on a Marooka MST2200 and fitted with a Cummins 385 diesel engine. This is an excellent medium weight multi-purpose exploration rig, also equally capable of water drilling. The drill is being sold as a complete "ready to go to work" package. <strong>Please contact 0413 907 649 for the complete inventory list.</strong>