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Cyclone Sample Splitter System Epiroc suitable

Suits Epiroc T35-T40-T45 series drills



Rig Sales Australia is manufacturing a cyclone sample splitter system suitable for the Epiroc T35-T40-T45 series drills.

The idea behind the sample splitters is to make your sampling requirements faster and more efficient.

Instead of manually running samples through a riffle splitter away from the drill, the sample splitter does this same work automatically at the flick of a switch inside the cabin of your drilling rig.

Sample Splitter Benefits

• Australian-built, heavy-duty design allows for years of maintenance-free operation.

• Gravity feed through a standard cyclone and through the sample splitter for sampling.

• Full access to the riffles via the heavy-duty door makes cleaning and maintaining the riffles easy.

• Fitted with a sample bag hook at the base of the splitter for hanging sample bags.

• The sample splitter is designed to be removed or installed on your standard cyclone quickly and easily

• The sample splitter is fitted with two ports at the base of the system. One is for the sample recovery, and the other is for the waste sample.

Sample Splitter Specifications

The standard sample splitter is fitted with three tiers for even and accurate geological and grade control results. The sampling of raw material through the cyclone and down through the splitter results in a 12.5% uncontaminated representative sample and 87.5% is sent through the waste discharge port.

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