Drillman GT 10 Probe - Auger Drill

Drillman GT 10 Probe – Auger Drill*


Auto Rod Loader on Tracks – EDM MK2

EDM MK2 Auto Rod Loader on Tracks

Comacchio 205 Geotechnical Drill Rig

Fitted with a percussion hammer option for probe drilling



The 2014 Comacchio GEO 205 geotechnical drill, with only 2344 operational hours from new, is a fantastic option for those seeking a versatile and reliable drilling solution. Designed specifically for tight access work, this drill offers flexibility across all multipurpose drilling requirements. To ensure stability on uneven ground, the track frame of this drill has been widened, making it ideal for tackling rough terrain with ease. Well-maintained and equipped with essential features such as a probe drilling hammer, winches, safety cage, built-in hydraulic casing puller, and auto SPT, the GEO 205 represents excellent value for money. Please click on the documents tab in this listing for a full drill specification. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a high-quality rig; check out our rig sales in Australia today!

Drilling Capabilities –
• Solid flight augering to 15 m
• Hollow flight augering to 15 m
• 100 mm Ø wash boring to 60 m
• ODEX (HW size) to 15 m
• NMLC coring to 70 m
• NQ wireline coring to 200 m
• HQ wireline coring to 120 m
• Undisturbed (U50, U63, U75)
• Piston
• Well installation
In-situ testing
• Standard penetration (SPT)
• Packer (Lugeon)
• Shear vane
• Pressuremeter
Other Features
• Dump mast for angle drilling up to 45 degrees
• Integral slinging points for craneage purposes
• Radial diaphragm pump
• Hydraulic “make and break” clamps
• Casing extraction cylinders
• Full remote control operation
• Safety cage with rotation isolation
• Dual pole battery isolation

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Comacchio Geo 205 Drill Specification Sheet: GEO 205 Specifications
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