Australia Drilling Rig Retrofits

Modernizing with Aptella & SafeAI

Discover how the partnership between technology innovators Aptella and SafeAI is transforming Australia’s mining industry. Learn about their cutting-edge solutions, including DrillGrade, and how they’re enhancing drilling efficiency, boosting performance, and paving the way for a safer, more sustainable mining future.

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Core Samples

BG Drilling’s CCT: Continuous Coring Tool

Inspired by Bulgaria’s history of specialized R&D in in-the-hole tools during the socialist era, the company has built upon a legacy of innovation. This legacy, dating back to the seventies and eighties, includes notable Bulgarian achievements such as the invention and patenting of the first directional coring tool, core barrel’s roller latch system, bottom-hole shock absorber, and retrievable core bit.

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Tribe Tech

Tribe Technology’s Completion of the First Autonomous RC Drill Rig

Tribe Technology PLC has completed its first TTDS GC 700 autonomous drill rig, marking a significant advancement in the mining industry. This autonomous reverse circulation (RC) drill rig is the first of its kind, aiming to enhance productivity and safety in mining operations. The drill rig was made for Major Drilling Group International Inc. and is set to be deployed at an iron ore mining asset in Australia.

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Automated Mining

Navigating Tomorrow: How Australian Drilling Contractors Are Embracing Automation

Summary: The Australian drilling industry is experiencing a significant shift towards automation, driven by factors such as improved safety, efficiency, reduced operational costs, and addressing skill shortages. Automation also helps in reducing environmental impact and overcoming geographical challenges inherent in Australia. Predicting the exact timeline for full automation is challenging due…

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Drill & Blast

Look Inside an Open-pit Blasting Process

Look Inside an Open-pit Blasting Process

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15 Nov 2022 Let’s Blast ! - A Look Inside an Open-pit Blasting Process - Today let's discover the meticulous process of blasting open mine.
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RC Drilling Rock Chips

Boart Longyear: A Key Player in the Development of Drilling Automation

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the joint development agreement between Tribe Tech and Veracio Australia in the field of drilling automation. With Boart Longyear as a subsidiary, Veracio Australia brings its expertise in orebody knowledge to the table, while Tribe Tech contributes its disruptive technology in autonomous mining equipment.

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FRASTE MULTIDRILL GT ROBOT 275 The 𝗙𝗥𝗔𝗦𝗧𝗘 𝗚𝗧 𝗥𝗢𝗕𝗢𝗧 represents a groundbreaking advancement in drilling technology. This revolutionary Double Rotary machine boasts the extraordinary ability to handle 3-meter drill pipes and casings simultaneously. Additionally, it features double racks with a capacity of approximately 200 meters, accommodating both drill rods and casings. This patented design

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New Commercialisation Deal to Radically Change Mineral Exploration

Mineral Exploration Revolution: New Commercialisation Deal with DIG CT

The mineral exploration industry is set for a revolutionary change with a new commercialisation deal between a niche drilling company, DIG CT, and MinEx Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). The partnership aims to bring the innovative coiled tubing (CT) drilling technology, RoXplorer CT, to market, promising significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and environmental sustainability.

RoXplorer CT Drilling Technology: The Game Changer

The RoXplorer CT drilling technology developed by MinEx CRC is the centerpiece of this agreement. It can drill through both unconsolidated cover and hard rock formations, reaching depths of up to 500 metres. The technology is the result of collaboration with industry partners such as Anglo American, BHP, Epiroc, LKAB Wassara, South32, and the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia.

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