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  • Epiroc CL Spare Parts Package

    Atlas Copco CL Spare Parts Package

    • $310,000 Package Price
    South Africa
    To all Atlas Copco SmartRoc CL drill owners, we have just listed a CL drifter and spare parts package that will save a small fortune on replacement parts. We can also offer in this package three Epiroc service schedule COP 5060CR 127/140-11 hydraulic drifters. The drifter history is below along with what is available in this package. These parts are located in South Africa and can be shipped to any country at a low cost.
  • Cyclone Sample Splitters

    • Custom
    Rig Sales Australia is manufacturing a cyclone sample splitter system suitable for the Epiroc T35-T40-T45 series drills. The idea behind the sample splitters is to make your sampling requirements faster and more efficient. Instead of manually running samples through a riffle splitter away from the drill, the sample splitter does this same work automatically at the flick of a switch inside the cabin of your drilling rig.