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  1. Copyright Compliance: You must confirm that you hold the lawful copyright for all submitted content. This ensures the prevention of any copyright infringement issues and is essential to maintain the integrity of the platform.
  2. Child Protection: Please ensure that no minors are depicted in any of the content submitted. This is in compliance with child protection laws and general ethical guidelines.
  3. Non-Sales Content: We discourage the submission of sales-oriented videos. Our platform prioritizes educational and informational content that adds value to our users.
  4. Workplace Appropriateness: All content should be suitable for a professional environment or have a general licensing rating (G Rated). This ensures that our platform is safe and suitable for all age groups.
  5. Broadcast Rights: By submitting content, you grant Rig Sales Australia the unrestricted right to broadcast the content. The platform, however, disclaims responsibility for any adverse reactions, unforeseen outcomes, or legal repercussions related to the content you’ve submitted.
  6. Content Review: Each submission will be manually reviewed and approved by our administration team to ensure its quality and suitability. This process is necessary to maintain the quality standards of our platform.
  7. Discretionary Rejection: Rig Sales Australia reserves the right to reject any content that is deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. This right is exercised to uphold the values and principles of our platform.
  8. By uploading your content you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.


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