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  • Sandvik HL1010 Rebuilt Drifter

    • $45,000
    Western Australia
    Sandvik HL1010 drifter was rebuilt by Sandvik in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. The drifter comes with all documentation showing what was done to the drifter during the rebuild process. Has a new drive motor that has not been used since being purchased. These drifters are getting harder to find and this HL1010 drifter is great buying
  • Wrecking 2004 Tamrock Pantera 1100 Parts

    Parts – 2004 Tamrock Pantera 1100

    • $55,000
    Western Australia
    <h4><span style="color: #333399;">This is worth buying for the drifter value alone</span></h4> <ul> <li>Super cheap parts only Pantera 1100 drill</li> <li>AU$55 000 open to offers</li> <li><strong>Western Australia location</strong></li> <li>Heaps of good parts still on it</li> <li>great value for money if you own one of these drills</li> <li> tracks and rollers are included <em> (track frames are missing)</em></li> <li><span style="color: #0000ff;">HL1010 drifter is included in the sale price</span></li> </ul> <span style="color: #ff0000;">***No compressor on this drill</span>
  • Gardner Denver HPR1 and HPR2 Drifters Available

    Gardner Denver HPR1 and HPR2 Drifters

    • $45,000
    There is a limited supply of used and low hour HPR1 and HPR2 drifters available from Atlanta Georgia in the USA. These drifters are available within 7-10 days of order and the drifters will be fully serviced prior to sale.
  • Atlas Copco 4050 MEX Drifter plus spare parts.

    • $45,000
    <h4>Fully refurbished 4050 drifter recently overhauled by Atlas Copco</h4> <ul> <li>Atlas Copco 4050 MEX Drifter plus spare parts</li> <li>We have all the receipts and a work description undertaken on the drifter.</li> <li>This is great value and selling at a well below replacement price.</li> <li>Going with the drifter is a <strong>crate of 4050 MEX used parts</strong> that would make up to 70% of a complete drifter.</li> <li>Easily build another drifter cheaply or use the parts as spares to the overhauled unit.</li> </ul>