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Rig Sales Australia Does Not Engage in Conjunction Sales

Rig Sales Australia, a leading drilling equipment broker, has chosen not to engage in conjunction sales with third party equipment brokers due to concerns about potential conflict of interest, lack of control over the sales process, and possible legal issues.

Conjunction sales refer to agreements between a Broker and a Third Party to collaborate on equipment sales, sharing commission from the sales. However, this practice can lead to a conflict of interest, as the broker may prioritize the sale over clients’ best interests. It also relinquishes control over the sales process, possibly resulting in unfavourable outcomes for clients. Furthermore, potential legal issues may arise from disputes during the sales process.

To maintain their commitment to client satisfaction, Rig Sales Australia focuses on providing tailored drilling equipment solutions without the involvement of third-party brokers. This strategy ensures reliable and unbiased advice for clients, backed by Rig Sales Australia’s extensive experience, industry knowledge, and dedication to excellence.

At Rig Sales Australia, we pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity, reliability, and experience. As a leading drilling equipment broker in Australia, we understand the importance of providing our clients with top-quality solutions and trustworthy services. That is why we have made the decision not to engage in conjunction sales with third party equipment brokers in Australia. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and shed light on the potential risks involved in such transactions.

What are Conjunction Sales?

Conjunction sales refer to agreements made between a Broker and a Third Party to collaborate on the sale of equipment. In these arrangements, the Broker and the Third Party work together to find potential buyers and facilitate the sale. The commission from the sale is then split between the two parties. While conjunction sales may seem like a convenient option for some, there are several reasons why Rig Sales Australia does not engage in this practice.

The Risks of Conjunction Sales

1. Conflict of Interest

One of the main concerns with conjunction sales is the potential conflict of interest that may arise. When a broker works closely with an external party, there is a risk that the primary duty to act in the best interest of clients may be compromised. The broker may feel pressured to prioritize the sale over their clients’ best interest, which can lead to a breach of trust and a loss of credibility.

2. Lack of Control

Engaging in conjunction sales means relinquishing control over the sales process. When a broker collaborates with athird party, they are dependent on the other party’s’ ability to find suitable buyers and negotiate favorable terms. This lack of control can result in delays, miscommunications, and potentially unfavorable outcomes for the clients.

3. Potential Legal Issues

Conjunction sales can also give rise to potential legal issues. If any disputes or disagreements arise during the sales process, it may be challenging to determine the responsibilities and liabilities of each party involved. This can lead to unnecessary legal battles and a strain on the relationship between the broker and their clients.

Our Commitment to Client Satisfaction

At Rig Sales Australia, our top priority is ensuring the satisfaction and success of our clients. We believe that by focusing solely on our drilling equipmenr expertise and providing tailored solutions, we can better serve our clients’ needs. By avoiding conjunction sales with other brokers, we can maintain our commitment to acting in the best interest of our clients and providing them with reliable and unbiased advice.

The Rig Sales Australia Advantage

When you choose Rig Sales Australia, you benefit from our extensive experience, industry knowledge, and dedication to excellence. Paul Coombs specialises in various areas of drilling, including blasthole, exploration and geotechnical. He approaches each case with professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for Buyer and Seller.


At Rig Sales Australia, we believe that maintaining our integrity and providing reliable services is of utmost importance. That is why we have made the decision not to engage in conjunction sales with any third party in Australia. By focusing on what we do best and prioritising our clients’ needs, we can ensure that we deliver the highest standard of service and achieve the best possible outcomes. 


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