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We would like to inform you that we collect your personal data such as name and email address to facilitate the webinar and provide access to it. The method of collection is performed through Vimeo as the host of all webinars we participate in. Rig Sales Australia will never disclose your email to other parties except if a law required us to do so.

The webinar will be recorded. Therefore, it may be available to the participants after the webinar and publicly viewed across various third party platforms.


Future River Pty Ltd and its registered trading business (Rig Sales Australia) do not assume any responsibility or liabilities for such communication or dissemination with third parties related to the webinar.


You have freedom to mute your microphone or turn off your web camera (Guests). There is no camera or audio enabled for the registered Audience, participation is limited to typed text when the host enables the Q&A chat.

Guests and the registered Audience are able to leave the webinar at any stage of the event.

Please note that Rig Sales Australia:


1) may use your personal data to provide follow up information not delivered during the webinar or to send email of related sessions or events;


2) may use your personal data to contact you regarding being a future guest for a topic you may be knowledgeable in subject to applicable data protection laws;


3) your personal data may be retained by the platform hosting the webinar for statistic and analytical purposes subject to applicable laws and regulations; and


You can withdraw your consent or exercise your data protection rights at any time by emailing to the webinar organiser Rig Sales Australia. The withdrawal of your consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing before its withdrawal. You have a responsibility to review and understand other third parties’ data privacy policies when applicable. Future River Pty Ltd is not responsible for third parties’ privacy policies and/or practices.

Vimeo Privacy Policy Page


For any information about Rig Sales Australia data collection and use practices or exercising your data protection rights, you are invited to phone or email the marketing and administrative personnel directly.

Phone: 0413 907 649

Email: office@rigsalesaustralia.com


By clicking the “Register” button, you are freely providing your consent to Rig Sales Australia for processing your personal data as above.


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