Compressor Cooler OEM Suit D40KS Drill

Compressor Cooler OEM Suit D40KS Drill


Drill Rods – Beco 4 1/2″

Drill Rods - Beco 4 1/2"

Blastcrete Mason Mate Mixing Unit




The Blastcrete Mason Mate Mixing Unit is a game-changer. With its fully rebuilt structure and new engine fitted in 2016, this labour-saving technology is ready to boost your productivity.

Featuring a powerful D3522 hydraulic squeeze pump and a high-shear continuous mixer, this unit is powered by a robust 38 horsepower Briggs and Stratton petrol engine. Its innovative design is perfect for high-rise block fill applications, putting an end to CMU block fill bucket brigades and reducing on-the-job labour by up to 75 percent.

Whether you need it to fit within a freight elevator or require placement with a telescoping forklift or crane, the Blastcrete Mason Mate can adapt to your needs. Enjoy the benefits of dust reduction, increased material placement time, and maximized profitability.

Upgrade your game with the Blastcrete Mason Mate Mixing Unit. Inspect today in Western Australia and witness the difference it can make to your projects. Smart offers will seal the deal.


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