Air Compressor Towable Sound Proof Cabinet Style

Air Compressor Airman 900 cfm x 350psi


Geoprobe Hollow Auger Bundle

Geoprobe Hollow Auger Bundle

Innovative Hydraulics Explora 50 Geotechnical Drill

Located in Queensland



Innovative Hydraulics Explora 50 Geotechnical drill mounted on a 2011 Mitsubishi 4WD Canter truck showing 184000 kilometres traveled from new. New mast was fitted 18 months ago and the drill is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine with only 2000 hours of use. The drill is being sold with the included equipment below.

Specification & Dimensions
Width 2240mm
Length 6250mm
Height (Mast Down) 3450mm
Height (Mast Up) 5520mm (4700mm with dump mast)
Weight – GVM: 6t

Capability Summary
Solid Augers 25mtrs (100-150mm)
SPT Test -Yes
Rotary Mud 100mtrs (100mm)
NMLC Coring 100mtrs
U5O Tubes
Levelling System 4 Hydraulic Legs
Winch 1 Main – 2 Wire-line
Silvan APS 141 Diaphragm Pump
Max Pressure 725 PSI
Output 141 LPM

Included Equipment –

10 mtrs x 110mm augers
2x 3m nmlc barrels
30 mtrs n-acme rods
15 mtrs hwt casing
45 mtrs nq rods
2x 1000 litre water tanks
2x large toolboxes
1 x medium toolbox
3x nq lifters
3x n-acme lifters
N-acme to Hwt sub
3x n acme roller bits
2x n acme tungsten bits 2x nw-n-acme subs
2x nw- hex pin subs
2x nw-nq
1 x nq- tap thread retriever

Ideal for all Geotech drilling contractors.

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