The Future of Drilling: Epiroc’s Explorac RC30 Smart


The Epiroc Exploration RC30 Smart, a new automated machine, has been launched in Australia to improve productivity and safety in exploration drilling.

Key takeaways:
  1. The Explorac RC30 Smart has advanced automation features and increases pullback capacity to ensure operator safety and productivity.
  2. Smart features such as feed beam centralisers and an advanced breakout system help with the longevity of drilling equipment and further enhance operator safety.
  3. They have designed the machine with long-term scaling in mind, allowing for customization and maximizing return on investment for customers.

Epiroc, a leading name in the mining and infrastructure industries, has once again demonstrated its commitment to setting the pace in the realm of exploration drilling. The company has unveiled its latest offering, the Explorac RC30 Smart, in Australia, marking a new milestone in the advancement of drilling technology. With its launch, Epiroc ushers in an era of improved productivity, safety, and automation in reverse circulation drilling.

The Explorac RC30 Smart is the embodiment of Epiroc’s dedication to shaping the future of the drilling industry. “Our mission has always been to lead the industry in developing sustainable reverse circulation drilling products. The Explorac RC30 Smart is a testament to that commitment,” says Cole Carpenter, Global Product Manager at Epiroc Surface division. “We’ve enhanced functionality, automation and safety, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.”

As an automation-centric machine, the Explorac RC30 Smart revolutionizes both productivity and safety measures in the field. It achieves this through its state-of-the-art RCS architecture and advanced hands-free functionality. This, combined with increased pullback capacity, guarantees unparalleled operator safety throughout the entire drilling process while simultaneously maximizing productivity.

The Explorac RC30 Smart delivers 30 tonnes of pullback capacity, ensuring the depth of drill necessary to meet the demanding requirements of today’s drillers. Its automated rod handling system empowers a single operator to effortlessly add and remove rods from the drill string, beginning at the surface and extending to the target depth.

But what sets the Explorac RC30 Smart apart are its intelligent features. These include feed beam centralisers with variable grip force and an advanced breakout system with automatic application of thread grease. These features work in tandem to extend the life of drilling consumables while significantly enhancing operator safety.

Carpenter elaborates, “In response to market needs, we’ve strived to achieve a high level of automation. This is crucial as both large and small operations today need to meet high safety standards. Automation effectively removes personnel from hazardous environments.”

The Explorac RC30 Smart’s architecture is not just about enhancing operator performance and safety in the present. It’s designed for the long-term, enabling scalability of rig features and functionality. Consequently, the machine configuration can be customized to fit the application, ensuring optimal return on investment throughout the machine’s life.

In conclusion, Epiroc has invested heavily in the Explorac RC30 Smart to ensure it delivers maximum efficiency for today’s drillers. But more importantly, it’s a commitment to providing long-term solutions for future generations. “The Explorac RC30 Smart will be available for orders in Australia later this year,” Carpenter reveals.

As we enter a new age in the drilling industry, the Explorac RC30 Smart stands as a beacon of innovation, safety, and efficiency. It’s not just a machine; it’s Epiroc’s vision for the future of drilling.

Explorac RC30 Smart from Epiroc


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