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Dr Peter Lucon, PE – Sonic Drilling Institute

Martin Hammann – Sonic Drilling Institute

Robert J. Hall – Sonic drilling Institute

John Argiropoulos – Sonic Drill

Russell Sherwin – Pro-Drill

Hosted By

Paul Coombs – Rig Sales Australia

Speakers Locking In For The Sonic Drilling Event

…on Thursday, March 9 (2 pm)  and I am very honoured to be hosting what has turned into a very rare and valuable Masterclass thanks to the efforts and time being given by the experts in sonic drilling.

Never before has the opportunity been given (at this level) for a live audience to truly understand how sonic really works and ask questions directly.

Due to the generosity of the Sonic Drilling Institute in presenting an in-depth break down of sonic drilling, we have extended the length of this event to allow our audience this valuable information in full. I have every trust that you and your team will be even better sonic drillers by the time you have listened to everything our speakers have to say.

Audience Q&A and Polls

…will also be a very valuable contribution to the event. All of the speakers are looking forward to knowing you and understanding your unique needs. Your questions may highlight areas that should be discussed in future events. Just one question can help us improve presentations and benefit future drillers in this exciting industry.

Join us in this informal presentation and Q&A session

Invited Speakers from the Sonic Drilling Institute will address all the confusion around sonic drilling and dispel misinformation in the Australian sonic drilling industry.

Special guests include John Argiropoulos, Sonic Drill (WA) and Russell Sherwin, Pro-Drill (NZ) who are recognised as leaders in sonic drilling in our region.


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