Sandvik Introduces Their Most Sophisticated Top Hammer Tool Systems

Sandvik CT55 and CT67 top hammer tool systems
Sandvik’s new CT55 and CT67 top hammer tool systems

Sandvik has introduced the CT55 and CT67, their most advanced top hammer tool systems yet, featuring a curved thread design that enhances productivity and reduces costs.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Sandvik’s CT55 and CT67 top hammer tool systems feature a unique curved thread design that increases efficiency, reduces costs, and saves fuel in surface bench and underground longhole applications. The design distributes stress levels over a larger area inside the tool, allowing for higher drilling power and increased productivity.

  2. The CT systems improve tool service life by more than 30% and enable easy coupling and uncoupling for automation. They also handle the increased power of surface drill rigs, improving fatigue strength, tool life, and hole precision. Sandvik’s CT systems increase drilling productivity by 15% and reduce fuel consumption by 15%.

  3. The CT systems are suitable for both surface and underground mining applications. They bring out the full potential of drill rigs and reduce interruptions caused by tool breakages. The curved thread design boosts tool service life by more than 30% and makes the systems automation-ready.

Sandvik has released their most cutting-edge top hammer tool systems yet, the CT55 and CT67, which boast an industry-first curved thread design. This pioneering feature amplifies productivity while reducing costs, fuel consumption, and the complexity of automated drilling on surface benches and underground longholes.

Sandvik’s innovative curved thread design, which is the first of its kind and protected by multiple patents, is capable of mitigating stress levels by dispersing them across a broader area within the tool. As a result, the system is able to accept more drilling power and fully exploit the capacity of the drill rig.

Sandvik’s Vice President Product Line Top Hammer, Anders Brungs, proudly declared that their advancement in technology increases efficiency with the allowance of higher drilling parameters with fewer stoppages. He further noted that

Sandvik’s design boosts productivity by 15 percent and decreases fuel usage by the same amount, as speedier drilling reduces the need for flushing.

Sandvik has developed a distinct curved thread CT system with the intention to raise drilling efficiency and cut down cost in both underground and above-ground operations.

Fredrik Bjork, the Product Manager for Top Hammer Surface Tools at Sandvik, remarked that existing tools do not have the capability to handle the power of surface drill rigs, thus only a fraction of the rigs’ potential is utilized. However, their new CT system has been found to drastically increase the fatigue strength, resulting in 30 percent longer tool life and improved hole precision in trials with customers who adopted it early. This full package is able to take advantage of the Ranger™ DXi and Pantera™ DPi rigs to their fullest.

Productivity of Computer Tomography (CT) systems may be improved by using more intense parameters such as percussion, rotations and feed.

Robert Grandin, the Product Manager for Top Hammer Underground Tools at Sandvik, declared that

“smooth drilling is critical when running underground.”

He added that, in addition to superior productivity and discounted costs, extended tool life of the CT system will be particularly relevant for underground operations, where tool breakages can cause difficulty and delays. The CT system boasts a curved thread design which provides a superior geometry that increases tool life by over 30%. Moreover, the curved design makes the CT system suitable for automation, since easy coupling and uncoupling is a key factor for automation, a critical technology for numerous underground operations.

Sandvik has released two new curved thread systems, the CT55 and CT67, for surface and underground mining, respectively. Drilling bit diameters for the CT55 are between 89 and 127 millimeters, while for the CT67 they range from 102 to 140 millimeters. Reaming bits, meanwhile, measure from 152 to 204 millimeters.

If you require any additional details, Fredrik Bjork, the Product Manager for Top Hammer Surface Tools at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, can be contacted via email at

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with Robert Grandin, the Product Manager for Top Hammer Underground Tools for Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. You can email him at

Sandvik CT55 and CT67 top hammer tool systems


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