Queensland Innovation in Geotechnical Drilling Equipment: Advancing Industries

CQ Soil Testing
Key takeaways:
  1. A new geotechnical drill rig has been developed and built in Rockhampton, Australia by CQ Soil Testing and GJK Contractors. It is transportable, compact, and versatile, with a sliding head that allows for multiple functions without needing to refit the unit. It is also mine compliant and designed with safety in mind. 

  2. The rig is designed to be adaptable and mobile, making it suitable for large mine sites with stringent safety standards. It has undergone non-destructive testing (NDT) for structural components and pressure testing for hydraulic lines, cables, and chains. Operators are provided with an extra layer of safety through the incorporation of a rod spin guard with an integrated safety lock. 

  3. The investment in local manufacturing is seen as a positive contribution to the economy of the Rockhampton region. It highlights the flourishing businesses in the manufacturing sector and fulfills the nation’s needs for increased production. The involvement of GJK Contractors, a local firm, is appreciated and praised. 

In Rockhampton, a new geotechnical drill rig has been manufactured that is remarkable in its mobility and safe for mining. This drill rig has features that are unparalleled in Australia.

Engineered and constructed by GJK Contractors, the geotechnical drill rig was a concept created and commissioned by CQ Soil Testing, a company based in Rockhampton. It has a transportable, compact, and nimble design, and is one of the few rigs being constructed in Australia.

According to Scott Walton, the Managing Director for CQ Soil Testing, the majority of geotechnical drill rigs out there are bulky, mounted on either a truck or trailer, and pose many hazards due to having a number of moving components. Additionally, they can be slow to set up and get going.

Mr Walton noted that the most noteworthy distinction of the rig is its adaptability; it is equipped with a sliding head which allows it to accomplish multiple tasks without needing to reconfigure it or use multiple units.

CQ Soil Testing’s new rig has been created for geotechnical and environmental investigations, but also with a focus on safety. This makes it suitable for large mine sites like BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance) that have stringent safety standards.

GJK Contractors, based in Rockhampton, designed the rig in-house, both structurally, mechanically and hydraulically, and even carried out the sandblasting and painting to make sure the highest standards were kept. They then went on to construct it.

GJK Contractors’ Managing Director Glenn Knox emphasized that CQ Soil Testing required a drill rig which was both versatile and mobile, as well as ensured safety and met the standards of mining regulations.

The design of the new rig is equipped with a sliding head that permits many purposes. All structural components have undergone non-destructive testing (NDT), while the hydraulic lines, cables, and chains have been pressure tested and tagged to make sure the entire rig meets the requirements of the mine site.

CQ Soil Testing’s operators are provided with an extra layer of safety through the incorporation of a rod spin guard with an integrated safety lock – this does not affect productivity on-site.

The representative for Capricornia and Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing noted that CQ Soil Testing’s investment in cutting-edge tools is a sign of the Rockhampton region’s businesses flourishing.

I am absolutely thrilled to witness CQ Soil Testing put money into local producers as the Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing.

The manufacturing sector in Capricornia has played a major role in the economy, by fulfilling the nation’s needs for increased production. GJK Contractor is a prime example of this, having designed and constructed an awe-inspiring drilling rig.

Ms Landry expressed her congratulations to CQ Soil Testing for the development of their new drilling rig, and thanked them for employing the help of a local firm.

Geotechnical Drilling Equipment: Advancing Industries


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