Introducing SAFER G: Revolutionizing Safety in the Rotary Rig Industry

Discover the innovative safety device that’s setting a new standard for personnel protection and productivity in the risky world of rotary rigs.

SAFER G offers:

  • Advanced Sensor Technology for Enhanced Safety: SAFER G utilizes cutting-edge sensor technology to detect any person entering the danger zone of rotary rigs, shutting down the rotation and prioritizing employee safety. This not only protects your workforce but also improves rig productivity, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Compliance with Safety Legislation and Compatibility with All Rotary Rig Types: SAFER G adheres to all safety and machinery legislation, including EN 16228 Parts 1 and 2, and is fully compatible with all rotary rig types. This ensures a safer work environment, giving your workforce the confidence to operate with the knowledge that they are protected by a reliable safety device.
  • FULL CE Marking for Industry-Recognized Safety Standards: With its FULL CE marking, SAFER G is acknowledged as a safety device that meets the highest industry standards. Investing in SAFER G means investing in the safety of your employees and the productivity of your operations, providing peace of mind for everyone involved.

Technical Specifications and Features

SAFER G offers a range of innovative features to ensure maximum safety and efficiency:

  • Secure Zone for Optimal Safety: Eliminating the need for gated type guards, SAFER G creates a secure zone that ensures maximum safety. With a safeguarded area extending from 0.5m to 1.8m above the ground, operators are prevented from entering, eliminating any possibility of accidental harm.
  • Robust Design with ‘Failure to Safe’ Mechanism: Thanks to its robust design, SAFER G cannot be easily bypassed or disabled. Furthermore, the integration of a self-checking diagnostics system guarantees the presence of a ‘failure to safe’ mechanism at all times.
  • Advanced Object Detection Capabilities: SAFER G features state-of-the-art object detection capabilities, capable of identifying any movement within the secure zone. Additionally, it can accurately distinguish between small objects like liquids, dust particles, and mud, and larger objects like people.


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