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Schramm, backed by Epiroc, has entered a new chapter in its 120-year history. The partnership aims to revitalize operations, consolidate manufacturing, and enhance aftermarket services. The integration between the two companies has been successful, allowing Schramm products to be available in 70 countries. The strategic value of reverse circulation in mineral exploration is emphasized, as it enables quick and effective data gathering. The Schramm Powered by Epiroc partnership marks a game-changer in the surface drilling industry, celebrating the past and showcasing a dedication to providing high-quality equipment.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Integration and Collaboration: The partnership between Schramm and Epiroc has resulted in successful integration and collaboration among various departments. This allows them to leverage the strengths of both companies in the surface drilling industry.

  2. Global Reach: With Epiroc’s support, Schramm products are now available in 70 countries, enabling them to better serve their customers worldwide. This expanded reach enhances their ability to provide ongoing assistance and aftermarket services.

  3. Strategic Value of Reverse Circulation: The combination of Schramm and AirDrill products allows for quick and effective gathering of ore body data in mineral exploration. This strategic value highlights the expertise and quality of the team assembled for this purpose.


In a significant development, Schramm, a company with a rich 120-year history, is embarking on a new chapter by partnering with Epiroc. This collaboration marks a new beginning for Schramm, symbolized by a fresh logo and its inclusion in Epiroc’s Exploration & OreBody Solutions of the Surface Division. This article explores the details of this partnership and the benefits it brings to both companies.

Schramm Powered by Epiroc: A Seamless Integration

Just six months after Epiroc acquired key assets from Schramm, including AirDrill Hammers & Bits, the two companies have unveiled “Schramm Powered by Epiroc.” This announcement is part of a series of strategic moves aimed at ensuring a smooth integration of the two entities. Brian Doffing, Vice President of OreBody Solutions, expresses his confidence in Schramm’s value and the strategic role of Reverse Circulation in mineral exploration. He emphasizes the combined capabilities of Schramm and AirDrill products in efficiently gathering ore body data.

Strengthening Operations and Expanding Reach

Epiroc’s involvement has had a positive impact on Schramm’s operations, enabling them to stabilize manufacturing, enhance distribution, and expand aftermarket services. Craig Mayman, Global Business Development and Acting General Manager of Schramm, expresses his excitement about the partnership with Epiroc, which has enabled their products to reach customers in 70 countries. This expanded reach allows them to better serve their global customer base.

Commitment to Post-Sales Support

One of the key focuses of Schramm Powered by Epiroc is the provision of ongoing assistance to rigs in use. Adrian Speer, Global Aftermarket Director for Schramm, highlights the availability of aftermarket services for customers worldwide. He emphasizes their dedication to enhancing the performance of every operation, regardless of its location. This commitment ensures that customers can rely on Schramm Powered by Epiroc for continued support and optimization of their drilling equipment.

Smooth Integration and a Promising Future

To manage the transition effectively, Terry Browne, an experienced professional based in Perth, WA, has been appointed as Integration Manager. Mr. Browne emphasizes the collaborative efforts being made to successfully incorporate Schramm into the existing structure. Leveraging the strengths of both Schramm and AirDrill, which are highly respected in the market, this integration is poised for success. With Epiroc’s well-established territory management, the partnership is in an ideal position to thrive.

Unveiling and Global Marketing Campaign

As part of its rebranding efforts, Schramm Powered by Epiroc will join other Epiroc-affiliated brands in participating in tradeshows starting from 2024. This global marketing campaign aims to showcase the enhanced capabilities and combined expertise of the two companies. The unveiling of Schramm Powered by Epiroc signifies a game-changing moment for the surface drilling industry, celebrating the heritage of Schramm while demonstrating the commitment of both companies to delivering top-notch reverse circulation equipment.

Joining Epiroc Surface Division: A New Journey

With the inclusion of Schramm in the Epiroc Surface Division, excitement abounds as both companies embark on this new journey together. Schramm Powered by Epiroc invites its customers to join them in embracing this partnership and the cutting-edge solutions it brings. With a shared dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, Schramm Powered by Epiroc is ready to lead the way in the surface drilling industry.

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