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Our new solid nail attachment can be powered by an existing drill rig, or a simple power pack, and is uniquely and specifically designed to install soil nails quickly and efficiently. This attachment offers several configuration options for both the drill head and the drifter. Easy to transport and use!

Power Unit
56 hp (41 kW), Kohler tier 4 compliant, turbo charged diesel engine, water cooled.
Built in an independent structure, that connects through hoses, to the basket.
1.96 liter displacement (1995 cc)
Radiator cooling system
12 V electric start
2300 rpm
Direct injection
Emergency stop button
Rpm gauge
Oil pressure gauge

Hydraulic System
Hawe hydraulics power unit
48 gpm (181 lpm) max combined hydraulic flow
Max 3000 psi (206 bar)
2 stage gear pump
Oil cooler
In-tank oil filter

Chain driven mast
Standard mast 5 ft (1.5 m) stroke or extended mast 10 ft (3 m) stroke
Coupling for self driven bars SDA, (R-25, R-32, R-38).
Max hole diameter 4″

Single pipe/rod bottom clamp
Size capability from 1.5” to 6” (Other sizes available)
Drill Motor – TM16
Impact energy: 133 ft-lb
Impact frequency: 50 Hz
Rotation torque max: 339 ft lbs at 2320 psi
Rotation speed max: 340 rpm
Grout injection system, or water / air flushing system.
Various configuration options available.

Fuel Tank
10 gallon (37 liters) fuel tank with fuel sending sensor
Hydraulic Tank
20 gallon (75 liters) hydraulic oil tank with built in site level glass
Drill Modes
(Rotation – Percussion – Both)

Several power unit sizes available (38hp, 55hp, 74hp, 83hp).
This soil nail equipment is available as a set with the power unit, or each can be sold separately.
Excavator arm attachment
API thread adaptor for top hammer operations.

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