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Rebuilt Sandvik Driltech Electronic D55-SP Blasthole Drill

It’s not often we are able to list an exquisite, one of a kind ground up quality rebuilt drill like this Sandvik Driltech D55SP.

The drill was rebuilt by the renowned hydraulic and rebuild specialists at Hy – Performance Fluid Power and what they have been able to achieve in their upgrades and improvements to this Sandvik Driltech D55SP is staggering.

Attention to detail, along with the technological enhancements fitted to this drill offers the operator complete functionality and control over every system and function on the drill.

This is not your standard Driltech D55SP drill, this is a Driltech D55 on steroids and it will change your perception on what is possible in a drill.

The list of quality upgrades and exclusive features is too extensive to be fully appreciated online. We have mentioned the basic details in this description to get you started. For interested buyers we have a comprehensive rebuild overview and specification details available on request.





The HYPER D55-SP has low-pressure air for rotary drilling.  The drill excels in single pass drilling, where productivity increases significantly, in particular in soft and medium hard rock.

  • 172mm to 254mm (6 ¾” to 10”) diameter holes (current setup for 7” rod)
  • Single pass depths up to 17m (55’)
  • Plus 2 x 7.6m secondary and tertiary rods (= 32m total or 105 foot)
  • Pull-down 200 kN (45,000 lbf)
  • Bit load up to 232 kN (52,000 lbf)


  • 12,000 hour driveline
  • Heavy duty gearbox – complete with coolers/filters
  • Hy-Performance Fluid Power return filter kit
  • Loop filtration on hydraulic system (kidney loop)
  • Walkways and handrail system to access “all” areas (fibre-reinforced polymer)
  • High pressure HD hydraulic tank complete with isolation ball valves
  • Stainless steel down the hole water tank
  • Water injection system (stainless steel tank)
  • Heavy duty rotary head (long life) and sight glass
  • Fully reconditioned 3412 CAT engine
  • FOPS certified cab with thermal insulation,
  • HYPER1 Drill Monitoring and Management System
  • Egress ladders x 2
  • Access (hyd) x 1



  • VDC (Visual Depth Counter) latest in depth monitoring, accurate ± 2mm
  • FOPS certified cab
  • Excellent visibility of the drilling operation (full length viewing window)
  • Higher productivity with quicker holes potting
    • Fast set-up for drilling
  • Comfortable environment with shock mounted cab
  • Roller sunshades to reduce glare
  • Thermal insulation and noise reduction
  • Drill controls arranged logically on the seat armrests (electronic)
    • Ease of operation
    • Intuitive fast learning
  • Ducted air conditioning/heating/pressurising unit for operator comfort with less fatigue (vertical air conditioning unit)
  • Extended cab provides ample work space for a trainer
  • Composite doors
  • Stainless steel clad cabin
  • Site replaceable XIR window modules
  • Fully re-hosed



  • Electronic controlled closed loop system for rotation, feed, tram, jack and mast operations
    • Lowers operating costs
    • Reduces power consumption
  • Large 872 litre (230 gallon) pressurised hydraulic oil reservoir
    • Heavy duty
    • Ball valve isolation
    • Reduces the number of oil cycles
    • Lowers oil temperatures
    • Extends service intervals
  • 5 µm (5 micron) filtration
    • Cleaner system
    • Extends component life
    • Lowers maintenance costs
  • 12,000 hour driveline
  • Heavy duty gearbox complete with lube pump and filters



  • New HYPER1 Drill Monitoring & Management system
  • Full rewire using Exane wiring and Deutsch connectors
  • In-seat joystick controls
  • Totally enclosed electrical cabinet
  • Air conditioning climate control systems
  • Touch screen display
  • Speaker light package
  • Deadman control






  • Wide flange l-beam rails on main frames
    • WF 14 x 74, ASTM alloy A572, grade 50 steel
    • Solid support for mounted components
  • 330SL (D55-SP), 330EL class undercarriages
    • Excellent stability for the drill
    • Total reliability on difficult grades
    • Hydrostatic drive power: 119kW (160hp) per track (D55-SP)
    • Delivers top slewing power for faster hole-spotting
  • Fixed axle under the mast pedestal
  • Equaliser axle at the other end of the tracks
    • Effective side-to-side movement
    • Reduces stress on the frame for longer frame life
    • More fatigue resistance and increased mobility



  • Diesel engines, matched for high or low pressure compressors and required volume
    • Long life and lower fuel consumption
  • CAT3412 engine rated
    • Cat reliability
    • Provide optimum power at lower cycling times and better efficiency
  • Compressor producing 1700 cfm/120 psi
    • The compressor is mounted directly to the flywheel housing in line with the engine for efficient power transfer
  • Cooling systems -26°C (-15°F) up to 54°C (130°F) ambient temperature
    • Hydraulic fan drive
    • Fan overhung load adaptor



  • The pipe length for the D55-SP is 7.6m (25’) pipes in diameter 165mm-194mm (6½ “ – 7 5/8”)
  • The D55-SP has a two-pod loader, inside mast and
    • Flexible hole sizes
    • Extended depth capacity
  • Pipe loading is controlled from the operator’s cab
  • Holding wrench and optional hydraulic auto tong wrench and pipe thread greaser
    • Help to break loose tight pipe joints
  • Hydraulic loader swing and indexing
    • Simplicity of very few moving parts in the loader
    • Higher productivity
    • Lower maintenance and drill pipe cost



  • D55-SP open in-line design – with all components very accessible
    • Ease in service and maintenance
    • Walkways and hand railing around complete machine
  • Fluids service centre option, for filling fuel, hydraulics and water for hydraulic evacuation
    • Faster servicing
    • Greater availability of the drills
  • Central greasing stations are available for lubricating
    • Reduces wear at main pivot points
    • Increases serviceability
    • Adds to the availability of the drills
  • Ease of service



  • Improved hole cleaning
  • Advanced chip removal and dust suppression
  • Meets or exceeds regulatory standards
  • Quick diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Cost effective preventative maintenance
  • Capability to fine tune drilling in various ground conditions
  • Enables operation in extreme environments



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