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EVH 2100 Scout series excavator mast attachment

with approx 500 hours of use. The attachment can be fitted to any small 5 – 12 tonne excavator unit, ( some adaption will be required between brands ). Fitted with a EVH1750 model rotation head that offers plenty of speed and power. The drill is capable of high reach work, and also ground stabilisation applications. Fully remote controlled and runs functions such as –

  • Rotation speed
  • Feed control
  • Foam injection pump 90 L/pm controlled
  • Air flow to the rotation head
  • Turtle hammer oiler

Comes with 14 meters of 70mm drill rods and includes a 3.5 inch conventional hammer and 102mm hammer bit. These drills are ideal for rock bolting and soil nails, as well as solar farms and general DTH or rotary air work. The drills have 3.5 tonne pullback power so this can drill large diameter holes at any angle.

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