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Introducing the Wolf Sonic 2000 series drills . These excavator drilling attachments are suitable for 5 tonne excavators and bigger. They have the options of fitting a top hammer drifter or high torque rotation head for blade bits, down hole hammers or mud rotary operations.

The Sonic 2000 drill also has the option of a single extra rod loader for top hammer drilling only, that will take the total drilling depth to  7 mtrs . Additional rods can be loaded manually if required. The Sonic 2000 series attachment has a  drilling capacity of 25mm up to 450mm diameter holes. The Sonic 2000 series can be manufactured in a variety of mast lengths to suit your applications.

The attachments also have a 360 degree turning axis on the mast , and they are radio controlled from either inside excavator cab or remotely outside the excavator. The applications for these drills is endless as they are suitable for –

Ground Anchors

Rock Bolting

Camp building tie downs

Solar farms

Earth works and more-

The Sonic 2000 is a very affordable attachment that fits to any 5 tonne excavator or larger, and is a great way to earn extra income from you excavators. Contact Rig Sales Australia for a comprehensive quote on the Sonic 2000 range of drills.

Sonic 2000 Video Below-


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