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2008 Hydrapower Scout V Geotechnical Drill

Ideal for geotechnical drilling requirements. The drill is priced to sell and is value for money.

Drill Details

Fresh Paint, no leaks A1 electrical and mechanical
Rig manual
Plant Risk assessment
Recent Service History
Recent overhaul nothing to spend

Mounted on Hino GT 4×4

2007 Model
Genuine 81,000 kms
Recent service history
Nothing to spend

SCOUT MARK V specifications

Base (Minimum) 4×4 Truck with a 13t GVM and a 4.5m
wheelbase OR Tracked Crawler with
6.3t load capacity
Rig Engine 4 cylinder Cummins CPAK-4BTA3.9-C
turbo motor with 125hp at 2200rpm
Rig Hydraulics Sauer Danfoss proportionally
controlled control valves Sauer
closed loop pump on Rotary Drive
Sauer open loop pump on
auxiliary functions
Rotary Drive Hydrapower Gearbox — steel casing
with floating hollow spindle and
hydraulic head lock and swing.
Two Speed, 0–150rpm & 0–700rpm
low speed torque to 2100Nm, high
speed torque to 474Nm
Head Travel 5.1m standard, 6.8m optional
Main Winch Maximum pull is 4200kg maximum
line speed is 28m/min
Wireline Winch (2) Two of in standard configuration.
Maximum pull is 780kg. Maximum
line speed is 83m/min
Pulldown Electrically controlled with dial for
speed control. Pull down capacity is
4400kg. Pull out capacity is 6500kg
Mast Fitted with 1.8m mast dump for
angle drilling. Standard length
is 8.1m, supplied with hydraulically
operated breakout spanner. Supplied
with hydraulic circuit with quick-
connect couplings for optional
breakout table

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