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Drill rig details –

Horizontal directional drilling machine with 400,000 lbs Pull back/ push capacity. It is mounted on a Gallagher tri• axle trailer, which is custom built for the rig. The rig has the capacity to be adapted to a 200,000 lbs machine with the change of the hydraulic drive motors.

Carriage –

Comprised of a rack and pinion arrangement. The boom is 52 ft in length. The boom has a sub frame which cradles the boom, allowing both horizontal movement and tilting of the frame from 10 deg to 92 deg. The boom tilt is operated by a 9 5/8″ hydraulic cylinder with safety lockout features.

Rotary drive –

Maximum Torque 82,000ftlbs

Rotary gearbox consisting of 3 rotary torque hubs driven by 90cc Sundstrand hydraulic motors. The torque hubs driving pinion gears which drive a main bull gear which is splined to the main drive shaft with ID 3 1/4″ and a 4″ water swivel mounted.

The rig is capable of two rotation speeds, High speed: 100rpm 28,000ftlbs rotary torque, Low speed: 40rpm

56,000 ft rotary torque. The hydraulic motors can be adjusted for infinite variations of speed and torque within these parameters.

Breakout unit –

Make up: 80,000ftlbs

Breakout: 80,000ftlbs

The breakout system consists of 2 trisets of jaws, one set fixed (front) with the second set rotating clockwise for make-up and anti-clockwise for breakout. 12″ separation allows passage of drill collars up to 12″. Clamping force is provided by two 6″ hydraulic cylinders.

Power unit –

The engine driving the hydraulic pumps is a Cummins QSX15, 600 Hp, with murphy switches for oil pressure and water temp. Mounted on the trailer is a 1,200 litre fuel tank with lockable cap and mechanical fuel gauge.

Hydraulics –

The hydraulics system is a closed loop system. It is driven by a tandem funk box rated to 600 Hp. This drives two Sundstrand pumps, one for rotary and one for thrust/pull back. A 57cc pump is mounted on the back of one of the pumps and is used for the breakout unit, boom tilt and stabilisation legs.

Fitted on the trailer is a 1,200 ltr hydraulic oil tank with micron filters on suction and return. This system is cooled by a hydraulic fan to keep the oil at SS deg.

Drillers control room –

All controls for drilling operations are mounted in the drillers control cabin. The control cabin is a modified 20′ container, it consist of high strength glass angled along the entire length of one side allowing viewing of the rig along with the top of the mast at 90deg. It is fitted with a lockable door, split system air conditioner, desk and

240V power receptacles. Controls:

Rotary Pressure (joystick)

Thrust I pull back pressure (joystick)

Pressure adjustments

Front clamp

Rear Clamp breakout


Emergency stop

Engine RPM

Engine throttle

Rod loader controls

Extras –

Fully automated Rod Loader.

Capable of easy modification between 200,000lbs and 400,000lbs

High strength Hose rack recently fitted

Hydraulic system hard lined

Remote rig control developed to allow operation of basic functions on the rig without the control cabin.

OEM overhaul carried out in 2011

Cooler pack just overhauled

Turbo overhauled

Trailer repairs and modification with respray

Complete tear down and rebuild 2015

Mast extension to extend mast length to 52ft

Modification of rig to allow operations to 90deg.

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