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2 x New BBurg HD1600D Down Hole Hammer Drills.

Two brand new HD1600D DTH drills available . These drills would suit someone looking to buy a new drill at a great price. We have a large inventory of new spare parts that can be purchased at a greatly reduced price to assist any buyers. The drilling capacity of the BBurg HD1600D drills is as follows –

The HD1600D is an ideal unit for any large Mining Operation with its high rotation power and air delivery covering hole sizes up to 219mm.


Hole Diameters:115mm – 219mm
Drill Tube Diameter:102mm, 114mm, 127mm, 140mm
Drill Tube Length:5,000 mm
Drill Depth:40 m / 35 m
Rotation Torque:8,000 Nm
Air Delivery / Minute:30 m3 / 1,100 cfm
Air Pressure:30 bar / 430 psi
Weight:24,000 kg


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